2018| Because We Can, Shutter Hub, Festival Pil'ours, Saint Gilles Croix de Vie France

2018| Girl Behind the Lens, The Horse Hospital, London

2018| Angry Girls Zine Launch, ONCA gallery, Brighton

2018| Bricoleur nights, Ninety One, London

2017| FemFest, Sweet Arts, Ugly Duck, London

2017| The Other Art Fair, Arnolfini, Bristol  

2017| Reclaim Our Cultural Landscapes, Reclaim Photography Festival, West Midlands

2017| Photograd First Birthday Exhibition, University of Suffolk, Ipswich

2016| Young Photographers 2016, Fine Art Galerie, Austria

2016| Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Trust, London

2016| Mews 2 Routes, Jakbox Gallery, London

2015| Black and White and Everything in Between, SE Centre of Photography, Greenville USA

2015| London College of Communication Summer Show, London

2014| Form, ARTCORP 5th Base Gallery, London

2013| Unbound, Embassy Tea Gallery Exhibtion,  London

2012| Bound Book Launch, The Black Smith and The Toffee-Maker,  London

P U B L I C A T I O N S 

2019| Grrrl in Print: Issue 3 a DIY guide to feminism - Grrrl Zine - Buy here

2019| Fem III: Sex, Desire and Relationships - Femzine - Read here 

2018| Sad Issue - Sister Magazine - Buy Here

2018| Grief - Angry Girls Zine  

2017| Sin Issue - Achey Breaky Heart Zine - Buy here

2017| Launch Issue - Art Maze Magazine -  Buy here

2016| The Naked Issue - Typical Girls - Buy here

P R E S S 

2018| Interview with Grace Jackson - Fragmentary

2018| Photography Saved my Life - BBC

2018| Girls behind the Lens - Evening Standard

2018| Feature One in Five Project - Polyester Zine

2018| Write up after Photo Scratch - Photo Scratch Blog

2017| Feature One in Five - Bricks Magazine

2017| Feature Whispers of the Sea - Unveil'd 

2017| Feature Intimacy Diaries - Sister Magazine

2017| Feature Intimacy Diaries - The Old Girls Club

2017| Featured Grace Jackson, The Granddaughter Project, Erstwhile Journal

2016| Featured Grace Jackson - Photograd

2016| 'Take an exculsive look into Typical Girls Magazine' -  ID Magazine 

2014| 'Art Corp' - Wall Street International 


2018| Angry Girls Zine Launch, ONCA Gallery, Brighton 

2018| Photo Scratch, Hotel Elephant, London 

2017| Redeye Hothouse, Roco Creative, Sheffield 

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