Artist Statement

Graduating from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, in July 2015, Jackson has exhibited in America, London and Austria. Using large-scale prints to showcase the detail and sense of the reality of the issues that have affected Jackson’s life. Jackson’s work is autobiographical, and uses her work as a therapy to trauma that she has repressed. Her work looks into intimacy, loss and psychology is the backbone to her work. She uses analogue and alternative processes, and prints all her work herself in her darkroom, this gives her the utter most control in every stage of creating and developing her work. As her work is her feelings and her thoughts on issues that affect our society, her work is constantly changing, and a developmental process of her thoughts and emotions, she constantly creates and re creates. Jackson explores the fragility of the human body, and what it is like to be a twenty-something in a society that constantly is unaccepting and denying you of the truth.


2012-2015 BA (Hons) Photography, London College of Communication, University of the Arts


2017| FemFest, Sweet Arts, Ugly Duck, London

2017| The Other Art Fair, Arnolfini, Bristol  

2017| Reclaim Our Cultural Landscapes, Reclaim Photography Festival, West Midlands

2017| Photograd First Birthday Exhibition, University of Suffolk, Ipswich

2016| Young Photographers 2016, Fine Art Galerie, Austria

2016| Artworks Open, Barbican Arts Trust, London

2016| Mews 2 Routes, Jakbox Gallery, London

2015| Black and White and Everything in Between, SE Centre of Photography, Greenville USA

2015| London College of Communication Summer Show, London

2014| Form, ARTCORP 5th Base Gallery, London

2013| Unbound, Embassy Tea Gallery Exhibtion,  London

2012| Bound Book Launch, The Black Smith and The Toffee-Maker,  London


2017| Sin Issue - Achey Breaky Heart Zine - Buy here

2017| Launch Issue - Art Maze Magazine -  Buy here

2016| The Naked Issue - Typical Girls - Buy here


2017| Feature One in Five - Bricks Magazine

2017| Feature Whispers of the Sea - Unveil'd 

2017| Feature Intimacy Diaries - Sister Magazine

2017| Feature Intimacy Diaries - The Old Girls Club

2017| Featured Grace Jackson, The Granddaughter Project, Erstwhile Journal

2016| Featured Grace Jackson - Photograd

2016| 'Take an exculsive look into Typical Girls Magazine' -  ID Magazine 

2014| 'Art Corp' - Wall Street International 


2017| Redeye Hothouse, Sheffield

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